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The Truth About PPO Discounts (recommended reading)

White Paper-The Truth About PPO Discount Comparisons (A Must Read!)

The Truth (as we see it) About -HRAs 

The Truth (as we see it)  about HSA's

New as of 3/2010- Is Group Health Insurance Profitable? Who is out of business?

The Truth (as we see it) about the Blues PPO Discounts -What the Blues are hiding from you-authored 3/2006.

NEW as of 3/2010- this is the Blues new disclosure, which basically proves everything in "The Truth (as we see it) about the Blues PPO Discounts" article above.  Blue Cross 5500 Disclosure Proves The Truth   We'll bet your Blues broker never read it or told you. We've highlighted a few areas for you to review.

Big Blues of Illinois Article May 2010

NEW as of 3/2010- Blue Cross of Michigan lawsuit Information-Saginaw

New as of 3/2010-Communities sue Blue Cross of Michigan 

Comparison Shopping and Consumer Drive Health Care

National Health Care? This is a reprint of an article about how things operate in Canada

A reprinted article about some pitfalls in CDHP design issues

A reprinted article about CDHPs from an HR professional


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